Pick Of The Week: MT. OSSA’S Homework Machine


Genre bending rock with glowing psych, these cats are an instant repeat in the house today. MT. OSSA brings a full spectrum sound, washed in that 70’s feel I love so much. Their new record, Homework Machine is filled with big, and bold numbers like “Solar Skate,” or the more laid back, beach bum tracks, “Bongo” and  “Leaves Grieve.” This album will have you seeing fireworks in your living room. While the records sprinkling you like vinyl dust, tracks like “Kella” blast you away with an 80’s style Pop vocal, then swirls time changing, wonder dreams, on the kit. They just cross you up, check the track “Better Weather” for your weird, west coast, off kilter thing. Sign me up for the full treatment please. Damn…

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