Nomadic Firs Shoot Bazookas

And I’m back with another brand new song, released on new music Friday, in digital format. The new Nomadic Firs song was recorded two years ago, along with most of the upcoming album. I have no release date for it yet, and I’m still putting some flavor on part of the record. On the new song “Bazooka” its obvious the Nomadic Firs project is continuing to develop the psychedelic sounds its known for. The brand new music is aiming to provide motion, flowering in lush, somewhat fantastical sounds. It uses texture to invoke nature. The sounds jump out of the speakers, creating a dynamic that is not flat but bubbling. Play the new song.


All the ups
In the moons
Pretty butter cups

Head is stuck
With the groups
All this color dust

Wash it up
In detune
Weirdo coma

Early wine
Too divide
Shake out all
The flukes

Flutters with
Bazooka dudes
Shredded paper stuff

Running wild
Witches brews
Feather drops your tough

Gold hats
Richest hues
Loud ass pickup trucks

Very caring
Strangers muse
Let it stand up

Every range
Follows you
All your covers die

See the Devils
Desert ride
All you’ll be is mine

Then these tapes
No suprise
We’re on those pills too

Faded cracks
Above your eyes
Drop all the rules

Photography by Logan Huiskamp
Design by Ryan Boos

Pick Of The Week: The Orange Apples

The Orange ApplesEagerly influenced by the experimental leaning of the 60s/70s psych generation, The Orange Apples have released a new record filled with whimsical flourishes, carpet ride pop that’s layered with a large swath of the weird. The new album, Monster Mega Mother Fucker Hit Album came out quietly in October, but a set of decent speakers will reveal the magnitude of creativity from this band. Ten tracks, all which run into one another, creating a short mystical concept record. The joyous occasion glued with bells, and circus decor, gives you all the magic you’ll need. Tracks such as “Brain Power” bring you back into focus with a more sensical dealing, still playful, like a feather traversing a bubble farm. Name your price on this one, worth something indeed.

Spectre’s “On The Telephone”

Spectre, an indie band from Canada, can’t help themselves when it comes to blasting your face off with hypnotic cool shit. Bending sexy into a full spectrum of Art, all while maintaining some kind of truth to the musical form. Looks like the band has been dropping dimes for awhile now. Plenty of videos, releases, etc to keep you busy. Not just music here, a collective of hip bandits ready to rule the world. This is the music video for their newest release, an EP called “On The Telephone”.

Pick Of The Week: Bike Weak


Brandon Berry (Bike Weak) out of Florida just released Idle. From the moment you delve in you get this warm buzz, fulfilled from the avant-garde he’s living through. Wondrous DIY bits that will have your sneaker fashions solidified. One big stand out on most of the tunes, is the drunk appeal of the vocals. I’m a sucker for pretty music, with a vox overlaying that “I don’t care” mentality. There’s some serious space on this album, atmosphere hit up with a real smooth aesthetic.  Not to mention all these bendy guitar riffs that superimposed those faded memories to the new. Just damn good Art here people. Brandon made the record available for a “name your price” but he’s also down for a donation to help his good friend David Drinnon get into a good school for the mentally ill. I highly recommend this album, plenty of sugar juice y’all.

Water Like Brandy Walrus Blues

Water Like Brandy

Austin’s Brandy Alexander heads up the one man band Water Like Brandy. A cross between bluesy biker folk, mixed with the psychedelics, and a desert ride, we get the track “Cowboy.”  In the last 24hrs the project unleashed a massive collection of songs, getting the soundcloud page on the level. There’s also some really interesting experimentations here, the tune “Dreaming Awake” feels like a soul being sucked through a turntable, attached to a portal, that colors in the lines at a circus. Follow up that “oddly” with the carnival walrus sounding blues number “Open Your Window.” Alexander has plenty to offer up, just make sure you choose the right pill. I have a feeling the dark side is a “took too much” situation. All FREE DL!