Pick Of The Week: Bike Weak


Brandon Berry (Bike Weak) out of Florida just released Idle. From the moment you delve in you get this warm buzz, fulfilled from the avant-garde he’s living through. Wondrous DIY bits that will have your sneaker fashions solidified. One big stand out on most of the tunes, is the drunk appeal of the vocals. I’m a sucker for pretty music, with a vox overlaying that “I don’t care” mentality. There’s some serious space on this album, atmosphere hit up with a real smooth aesthetic.  Not to mention all these bendy guitar riffs that superimposed those faded memories to the new. Just damn good Art here people. Brandon made the record available for a “name your price” but he’s also down for a donation to help his good friend David Drinnon get into a good school for the mentally ill. I highly recommend this album, plenty of sugar juice y’all.

Alias Pluto Ridge Line Jumping

Alias Pluto

Alias Pluto (Dennis Ancevic) from Milwaukee has that sound. The soft flower openers of an early morning progress. So rich in texture the mind wonders supreme, past memories, vivid soil ground breaking over head. Just really nice music, that is Free for the world.

Pick Of The Week: Whails


Whails, an infectious 60’s style band that immediately reminds me of the Beatles. The voice vibrating over sunny hits, completely calls to front your happy sensory missions. Not clear if the new music is a 4 track ep, or there’s more somewhere else. Regardless, we have tracks to DL for free. Coming to us from Perth, Australia the group hits all the classic sounds trickled with a modern edge. You can tell they appreciate the fundamentals of writing a great song, but they’re not afraid to listen for the things surrounding the basics. Exploring at times, the mysterious Lo-fi Pop sensibility, Whails is the kind of group begging for an unconnected turntable, whose vernacular evolves via the purple wings sheltered from the storm. Its flying above us in the desert, like water beads bouncing down the colored glass. Yeah, I’m tripping out to this.

Cassida Pax Wild Fire Highlights

Cassida Pax

Cassida Pax is warbling through this retro ether, more like sniffing the good glue then walking the park after dark. Ricardo Stacey out of Canada lives in the Lo-fi TAPE culture. The bedroom pop aesthetic never seems to go away, daily finds of experimental goings on. An explorative measure so expansive the genre continue to rain down supreme pretty lights. Cassida Pax is another pleasant vibe in a long line of great wild wonders. Head over to his bandcamp page, and peep the massive collection of releases.

Cough Cool While You Can

Cough Cool

Philadelphia’s Cough Cool, no doubt an explorer of his particular guitar blizzard wonder, released “Blue Eyes” a week ago via his soundcloud account. The track is a lazy player, with enough wash to drowned out the three-day hangover you’ve recently suffered through. I keep seeing a swimmer exploring the caves, something like that.

Cough Cool is Dan Svizeny, a seemingly classic indie personality resonating sounds with a heavy hand on the guitar, gritty vocal, simple drums. An outstanding music that sits high up in the lo-fi aesthetic, a personal favorite. There’s quite a few releases I found on iTunes, something to look into.