Pick Of The Week: Whails


Whails, an infectious 60’s style band that immediately reminds me of the Beatles. The voice vibrating over sunny hits, completely calls to front your happy sensory missions. Not clear if the new music is a 4 track ep, or there’s more somewhere else. Regardless, we have tracks to DL for free. Coming to us from Perth, Australia the group hits all the classic sounds trickled with a modern edge. You can tell they appreciate the fundamentals of writing a great song, but they’re not afraid to listen for the things surrounding the basics. Exploring at times, the mysterious Lo-fi Pop sensibility, Whails is the kind of group begging for an unconnected turntable, whose vernacular evolves via the purple wings sheltered from the storm. Its flying above us in the desert, like water beads bouncing down the colored glass. Yeah, I’m tripping out to this.

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