Noble Robot Sideways Mobility

Noble Robot

On the new track from Noble Robot, Rory Barber continues to blow minds. A longer number,“Bright Side” plays with plenty of journey behind it. This band has always taken the adventure road, exploring, experimenting in this uneven box they continue to develop for themselves. Few groups bend genres in a successful manner. Noble Robot has no problem delivering a blurry line on the new single, while exuding their (trademark)¬†quirky musicianship, tinged with improvisational risk. The new song comes in over six minutes, and listening at a distance you’d think it was an EP full of short bursts. Rory and his better half Nellie Gillis just keep releasing wonderful music. Sounds that are filled with compassion, angst, a yearning for love and adventure. I surely hope Noble Robot gets a larger audience in 2013, they deserve it. Also included here is the other new track “Icarus,” which if comparing the two from a stylistic point of view, it completely solidifies the case for a bending musical persona. A+

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