Pick Of The Week: Glass Therapy

Glass Therapy

Cadence Collective known for bringing the fold into bright lights with stunning sounds from Artists all over the globe. Glass Therapy dropped me a line to let me know about the new sampler they put out, which also contains his contribution of the song “All Smiles.” A glitchy dance number with a little beep bleep to get us quirking about. The track comes off really smooth, ocean views, nice guitar. Then vocals break through, and the dance begins. A very impressive tune, which leads me to the new album Glass Therapy released on bandcamp also called All Smiles. I’m still listening to it, getting a feel for it, but it has some dope work to get into for sure. The track “Trace Elements” beams the electronica in full bloom, rolling a deep dark aesthetic into a colorful mold that rolls along the ridge lines. Get the album for a “you call it” on bandcamp. Very cool things here.

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