Pick Of The Week: Glass Therapy

Glass Therapy

Cadence Collective known for bringing the fold into bright lights with stunning sounds from Artists all over the globe. Glass Therapy dropped me a line to let me know about the new sampler they put out, which also contains his contribution of the song “All Smiles.” A glitchy dance number with a little beep bleep to get us quirking about. The track comes off really smooth, ocean views, nice guitar. Then vocals break through, and the dance begins. A very impressive tune, which leads me to the new album Glass Therapy released on bandcamp also called All Smiles. I’m still listening to it, getting a feel for it, but it has some dope work to get into for sure. The track “Trace Elements” beams the electronica in full bloom, rolling a deep dark aesthetic into a colorful mold that rolls along the ridge lines. Get the album for a “you call it” on bandcamp. Very cool things here.

Escape It Stars Inner You

Escape It

Moody whips up these sounds into a back alley soul. Thought provoking love, the color drips off the night, while the stroll breezes the steam in the street. Plenty of other nice sounds from Escape It. Be sure to visit the 40 plus tunes offered up.

LavaLamps Altlantan


LavaLamps (Kyle Gillis) out of Atlanta rocks beats supreme on a somewhat quirky cartoonish level. Tracks like “Lala” resonate that child silhouette giving the foundations the right touch of atmosphere. On the track “Remember” there are hints of a coming of age story line, or maybe just some dude strolling the park. Plenty of imagination on LavaLamp’s new record cleverly titled Altlantan.¬†Five songs in total, a delicious EP to kick off what appears to be a brand new project. Put on the shades, kick on the aesthetics, and chill to Lavalamp.

APF Break In The Lights

JRCA/APF Remixes

JRCA hooks up his jazzy experimentations for APF (aka Alex Florentini) who just released a new album called Decadence. On the single pack you get two tracks off the record, plus two remixes from the aforementioned JRCA. Dope chunks beating repetitive atmospherics, with a stutter-step like moves on the court. JRCA takes what’s already dope, cranks it, thickens the beauty to expose the underlining contrast to fill in some of that space left in open air on the canvas. He’s more or less turning fresh downtempo into a darker experimental path, and it works well for this collaboration.


Alexander Florentini is a producer out of Boston. On the new record, his leaning seems to be hidden just enough in cinematic garb, essentially one foot basking in a creative source undoubtedly curious and daring to explore himself through the music. There’s a “get lost” element on Decadence, coupled with the easily detectable chill EDM, hip/hop crossover. Which ever way you “genrify” an Artist, most of their intentions are clear, APF is bringing special heat, delivered just in time for those summer nights when you’re still cool to drive home. Nab this FREE.

Dauss Day Rider See


Monday morning blast off, Dauss released “Cycle Points” a few back, and it surfs the concrete like a white coat wearing wizard sage. You’ll hit play on this, and get zoomed into the YOU vortex as you drive the city with the lights blinking the fade. Dauss has some NAME YOUR PRICE on BC.