Del Sur Bright Picnic

Del Sur

Taking a shot at music is no picnic, attempting to define your craft, the process, how that impacts a persona you envisioned for yourself. All these things make the full output a package, tightly woven to perfection in your own little world. Thats the beauty I keep finding out there. Little fields that are free, open to you to explore. The fantasy someone else has worked so hard to project, all with the hope that travelers will find their design. On Del Sur’s new song “Lifegaurds” you’ll be swept away into the mystic, so lazy and cool, with cascades of stoner(isms). This is a brand new project, sounding more and more like its finding its way, I’ll take one for my next boat ride indeed. Just be sure to bring a long rope, you might get lost out there with all these drunkard vibes. Its the great sideways and a perpetual floating.

 “Del Sur is the solo bedroom project of 16 year old Philadelphian Michael Collier. Combining surf-inspired guitar with tribal sounding drum machine samples, Del Sur aims to create tropical pop. Del Sur originated in the fall of 2012 trying to convey the nostalgia of summer’s past. Literally meaning “of the south” in Spanish, Del Sur is all about getting back to the beach.”

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