Shisa Future Regality

There’s a sweeping nature with Shisa aka Perris Dietrich from Pitsburg, PA.  I keep getting the impression the sounds are coming from some future reagal club. Perris was apointed by the King to make sure the party is on point, and when its time to get out the opium rags, Shisa throws out tracer rays from his bare hands. There’s even more to this curious beat servant. Being an ex-House DJ I’m always going to have love for that world, those elements that simply kick the songs into hyperdrive with sprinkled soul. Shisa has in afiniity for dance culture, and the timeless classic 4/4 rhytms.  I remeber caring my boys records into parties before I had dudes carrying mine, and the feeling of having a crew behind you while you were playing was like no other feeling around. I’m sure when Shisa drops bombs at live parties his peeps surround him, pure heat.

~ Ryan Boos

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