Julsy Lone Wanderer

It’s easy to call music something, or categorize it into some magical-butterfly, flying around like a head trip. But the immediate sensation of those analogies, or dream esque psych pops, don’t make the words less meaningful, or somehow less original. Clearly I’m about to go off on some magic-magic, blanket thrill ride with this album review. Julsy, who we’ve covered on here a couple of times, just released Break, which is a slow evolving, hands spread out in the air, dizzy circles, with enough floating long hair to make its own boat to sail away from here. I have no idea what that means, but her music made me say it. The record is two parts sound collage, scratch that, its pretty much a whole sound collage, yearning to be in an abstract DIY film made by some filmster doing a passion project, which is something I love always.There’s a vivid bright spot on the things Julsy makes. Never in a rush to cover up spaces, almost if you met her she would be most comfortable in those awkward quiet moments. The music is like that, but all taking place off this trail someone told you to walk down, because your true self is at the end of it. I’m rambling now about self discovery and over doing the whole dreamy wordy review, but that’s this music for you. It’s slowly complex,  a discovery channel special showcasing the ecosystem perils of man. You can name your price right here, and pick up this wonderful piece, which will surely bring some calm to your daily life. Heavy rotation, especially for those meditations. I dig it so much I wrote this poem.

Patient listener, bright-eyed fawn, 

The lone wanderer, found his one,

Vivid hallways, cold spoken heat,

Shadow light, foliage beeps,

Wild fun, abandon hills,

Hands together, they kill,

Wind feathers, color thrill,

Daydreams are better.

~ Ryan Boos

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