Sacred Caves Synth Bleached

Sacred Caves is a band that was created after these two dudes ran into each other at the Abandoned Caves of California, from there the relationship blossomed what they ended up with was the band. Big synth, 8o’s esque pop, that won’t sit the cool vibe down so I can catch up. The hook is breath-taking, with the beautiful echo trailing behind the lines. “On The Outside” is a perfect pop song, the kind that ignite all the cliché for me to try to not write here. But I give up, the song makes me wanna get in my car and drive or dance in an abandon building like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. This is what summer pop was intended to be, a generally hip track that’s synth work has the subtle nature of something else going on, almost a bitter sweet moment of coming to age, and having to let go of someone or something.

~ Ryan Boos

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