Pick Of The Week: Another Green World

Coming out of  Tennessee, Alec West (aka Another Green Worldpushes his electronic throwback pop to great heights. With a couple releases under his belt, and the new album called Haunted coming out June 11 on Synthemesc records, Alex is dropping a few tastes to get us excited. The track “Blood,” which I suppose is serving as the first single; blasts supreme classic dream pop thunder, basking in coolness, and eager to perpetuate this hip sneaker aesthetic. To get us drenched in nostalgia, the new video takes us through clips of Lost Boys, a personal favorite film for me now and when it came out back in the 80’s. Another Green World will have you lost in a sea of thoughts, smiles, and a vintage knack for suspending modern times. Stick with this dude, his new album should be really dope to match the upcoming summer, but just make sure you’re wearing the right glasses.

Pick Of The Week: Sonic Tramp

Music is everywhere, millions of little pieces fluttering this invisible chain. Some hits are linear, others searching for it in a pool of rainbows. I came across London’s Sonic Tramp (Martin James Wagdin) this morning. When I find a song I like to see the date of its release, and how much press it’s already received. Acres is meant to give some love to Artists who are still relatively unknown even if they have a cult following that swells in their own inner circle. Sonic Tramp is here with no start date, or sign of expiration. Lets drink the kool aid together, and listen to this cat.

The song “With You” was released last fall. It’s a glamour pop number with heavy synth work, traversing the outer glow, while you run in mukluks over some dark disco pants. Sonic Tramp has a ton of great work, a variety of remixes, and a new song just released in the last month, go HERE to listen. He has remixed The Chemical Brothers, MGMT, Crystal Fighters, Friendly Fires, Bon Iver, and  Empire Of The Sun to name a few. I’m just puzzled why his song “With You” hasn’t come across the wire to me in another form at this point. Regardless, its wonderful, a precious cool scenario walking the city streets in some vintage pastels, with a vivid sheen to outline the shadows. That world is always fun, this is your atmosphere.  You can DL the single on iTunes.

Powercut Vintage Polo


Powercut out of Italy will make you do a double take, and try to turn up the volume more. It’s a blast from the past, almost so damn vintage 80’s I couldn’t tell if it’s just released as a fake artist. They sound like they’re  dropping polo shirt wearing, cocaine snorting tracks, that no one heard in 1985, but were on the backup record for the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. Once I went to their label Future City Records I saw they are real. The group Powercut is Terra, Toto, and Big Mike and they have big love for things French, and Disco.

Sacred Caves Synth Bleached

Sacred Caves is a band that was created after these two dudes ran into each other at the Abandoned Caves of California, from there the relationship blossomed what they ended up with was the band. Big synth, 8o’s esque pop, that won’t sit the cool vibe down so I can catch up. The hook is breath-taking, with the beautiful echo trailing behind the lines. “On The Outside” is a perfect pop song, the kind that ignite all the cliché for me to try to not write here. But I give up, the song makes me wanna get in my car and drive or dance in an abandon building like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. This is what summer pop was intended to be, a generally hip track that’s synth work has the subtle nature of something else going on, almost a bitter sweet moment of coming to age, and having to let go of someone or something.

~ Ryan Boos

Fernando Lagreca Embraces 80’s Chill

Fernando Lagreca takes another page from the 8o’s and reminds me a great deal of Radio Dept. on “Silly Girl Meets Silly Boy.” There is of course the shimey shimey cool vibe in the hooky theme delivery. The only thing left to bring in is the vocal, and its done with very little effort. An overall peach of a track. The album is slated to come out in July on irregular label, until then, download this freebie for your adventurous afternoon day trip. Here’s a preview of the upcoming release.

~ Ryan Boos