Pick Of The Week: Sonic Tramp

Music is everywhere, millions of little pieces fluttering this invisible chain. Some hits are linear, others searching for it in a pool of rainbows. I came across London’s Sonic Tramp (Martin James Wagdin) this morning. When I find a song I like to see the date of its release, and how much press it’s already received. Acres is meant to give some love to Artists who are still relatively unknown even if they have a cult following that swells in their own inner circle. Sonic Tramp is here with no start date, or sign of expiration. Lets drink the kool aid together, and listen to this cat.

The song “With You” was released last fall. It’s a glamour pop number with heavy synth work, traversing the outer glow, while you run in mukluks over some dark disco pants. Sonic Tramp has a ton of great work, a variety of remixes, and a new song just released in the last month, go HERE to listen. He has remixed The Chemical Brothers, MGMT, Crystal Fighters, Friendly Fires, Bon Iver, and  Empire Of The Sun to name a few. I’m just puzzled why his song “With You” hasn’t come across the wire to me in another form at this point. Regardless, its wonderful, a precious cool scenario walking the city streets in some vintage pastels, with a vivid sheen to outline the shadows. That world is always fun, this is your atmosphere.  You can DL the single on iTunes.

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