Pick Of The Week: Sonic Tramp

Music is everywhere, millions of little pieces fluttering this invisible chain. Some hits are linear, others searching for it in a pool of rainbows. I came across London’s Sonic Tramp (Martin James Wagdin) this morning. When I find a song I like to see the date of its release, and how much press it’s already received. Acres is meant to give some love to Artists who are still relatively unknown even if they have a cult following that swells in their own inner circle. Sonic Tramp is here with no start date, or sign of expiration. Lets drink the kool aid together, and listen to this cat.

The song “With You” was released last fall. It’s a glamour pop number with heavy synth work, traversing the outer glow, while you run in mukluks over some dark disco pants. Sonic Tramp has a ton of great work, a variety of remixes, and a new song just released in the last month, go HERE to listen. He has remixed The Chemical Brothers, MGMT, Crystal Fighters, Friendly Fires, Bon Iver, and  Empire Of The Sun to name a few. I’m just puzzled why his song “With You” hasn’t come across the wire to me in another form at this point. Regardless, its wonderful, a precious cool scenario walking the city streets in some vintage pastels, with a vivid sheen to outline the shadows. That world is always fun, this is your atmosphere.  You can DL the single on iTunes.

Tours Beach Supreme

Tours aka Dylan Sieh, out of Philadelphia releases “Deuxiéme” which is a remix of Memory Houses “Lately.”  Like most of Tours work the production and cadence are pure synth glitch pop that would melt the face of any waver on the beach. I stumbled upon this beat wizards page and was hooked for life. I was actually surprised I hadn’t crossed paths with Dylan’s music before, mainly cause his work is that good, figured I should of had an email from one of my dudes with subject line “you have to check this out.” On the new tune there’s the great vocal sample which evokes a butterfly riding the ridges of a flower, through the meadows after a storm or during early rain fall. Yeah, something real colorful and cheesy like that. Tours delivers in a big way and the decisions on this remix come from someone hitting a real “next level” of sorts. The beat is sick, and there’s no accidents here, just a grand wizard controlling the ecosystem while whittling his pipe, and occasionally checking to make sure the levels are in balance. Tours knows exactly where he’s going, and he’s on the fast track to something big big big. There’s some FREE goodies on Soundcloud and a couple of choice albums on bandcamp.

~ Ryan Boos

Headaches Implore Fractured Fun

Nueroplastic drops Headaches new single “Oh Honey” which reminds me of something Moby put on his Play album. Its a non stop sample chop carnival that gets you moving. The single pack out now on Nueroplastic has three total songs.Headaches gets tuned up in the whole thing, not risking leaving any space or even a second you might wonder off from the sound. The other song “Genie” is fantastic, the samples have this mars like otherworldly quality, much of which plays like communications that are be fractured by the sun. Probably a good idea to get this, not only is it free, its damn good. Along with the digital gem stones, you get a “visual diary from a surreal exploration of the Salton Sea, California.” Rad!

~ Ryan Boos


Basically I woke up this morning in mad love with this band BeachesBeaches. Rather than put up one song, which would be utterly impossible at the moment. I put up a few for your listening pleasure. They have some choice tunes available through Bandcamp. But Soundcloud is treasure chest full of even more gems. I’m not exactly sure how a band like this isn’t being represented on some car commercial, or played in the montage scenes of every movie similar to the dope hits coming out of Drive. This is the window down music, the put on your favorite warm weather shorts and hit the streets with your trusty skate. Its pure bliss, nothing less than fun, and smiles all around. It’s the vision quest in your eager positions without the angst to feel like you’re doing something wrong.  I’m finding every day, bands on Soundcloud are better than anything you can find packaged neatly. Well, almost anything, my friends at Crash Symbols are doing a damn good job of that. I have so many ideas right now, check them out, get active, do what you do on Saturdays. I’m trying to set something up with them for Acres # 1, which I’m thinking will be a ten track mix of one Artist each month. ~ Ryan Boos