Basically I woke up this morning in mad love with this band BeachesBeaches. Rather than put up one song, which would be utterly impossible at the moment. I put up a few for your listening pleasure. They have some choice tunes available through Bandcamp. But Soundcloud is treasure chest full of even more gems. I’m not exactly sure how a band like this isn’t being represented on some car commercial, or played in the montage scenes of every movie similar to the dope hits coming out of Drive. This is the window down music, the put on your favorite warm weather shorts and hit the streets with your trusty skate. Its pure bliss, nothing less than fun, and smiles all around. It’s the vision quest in your eager positions without the angst to feel like you’re doing something wrong.  I’m finding every day, bands on Soundcloud are better than anything you can find packaged neatly. Well, almost anything, my friends at Crash Symbols are doing a damn good job of that. I have so many ideas right now, check them out, get active, do what you do on Saturdays. I’m trying to set something up with them for Acres # 1, which I’m thinking will be a ten track mix of one Artist each month. ~ Ryan Boos

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