Introducing GOSH

I completely discovered these guys by accident, and what a happy accident this is today! This is a wonderful collaborative project from across the U.S of A (NYC to Wyoming!)  I started with the track “Gramophone” which features Kim O’Connor’s mystic and airy vocals, followed by Keaton & Clancy’s magic music making skills (Harriman Exit). O’Connor’s voice reminds me much of Julie Doiron with that smooth and simple sound, that keeps you interested in every word, one after the other.  I messaged them on the ol’ SoundCloud to get some dialogue going and as it turns out I have collaborated with Clancy in the past, you can find that track here.  And here’s their story – Clancy got in touch with Kim via SoundCloud, and they started sending files back and forth. She flew ALL THE WAY to Wyoming to record seven tracks in the studio for their new album Mild Oath. In total, four people collaborated on this project, including O’Connor’s husband, Keaton & Clancy have yet to meet. The date is not set for the release but Clancy assures me it will be out soon!  This is an album worth getting excited about, every track is a bit different, but still keeps the same colorful undertone. I feel as though I’m floating through some sort of weird southwestern KillBill desert. Head on over to GOSH’S SoundCloud for a little preview of what’s to come! They’re truly one of a kind.

Tea Leigh

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