Everything Sleeps “Hold Me Down”

I befriended Everything Sleeps last night on Soundcloud. I discovered his classy sampling through JRCA who was our first post here on Acres. Derek Cisneros, out of Los Angeles is the mad wizard behind Everything Sleeps. He has love for that swing cat sound coming out of the 20’s and 30’S. When I was spinning wax back in the day I had a special section in my set for Swing House – Love this era.  On “Hold Me Down” the vox is right out of some private, cool club party, where the shine is being passed around, hidden from the threat of prohibition. It’s an interesting mash-up with the music, and sampled sounds being so 21st century. I love it in fact. Derek’s got mad skillz on his craft. He told me he’s working with  JRCA on an album for the fall. Whoa! We’ll be premiering that for sure. Go over to Bandcamp and pick up his Panicle EP, I just did. His soundcloud music reminds me of RJD2 at the moment, simply from an overall impression of the tonality, and direction. We’re whipping up a nice little breakfast and listening to Everything Sleeps this morning, sounds so dope.

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