Noble Robot “Red”

“Red” has glorious hushed vocals with the gripping harmony of multiple singing tracks, layered all through the spectrum. The tune traverses some quality reflections for me. Digging through their four pages of music on Soundlcoud, this song is different from much of everything else I went through. The question I have is, what can’t these Robots do? A batch of super talents just doing their thing, and giving it all away to us. Seriously, I’m better off tonight because I’m listening to these great music makers. I could be wrong but I believe the leader of this pack goes by the name Rory Barber and he might be the dude you see above. Somewhat of a mystery clicking around all their pages online. Regardless, I think I may have hit the favorite button on all their tracks. Well worth it, almost every song is a FREE download. Thanks gang, you truly are Noble Robots for the free goodies. ~ Ryan Boos

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