Moonface “Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips”

What started out as a Spencer Krug solo project in the same manner that  Sunset Rubdown was created, has now become a full band affair featuring the Helsinki based band Siiai. With the album “With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery” out on Jagjaguwar on April 17th, they have given us a taste of what is to come.“Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips” is a classic Spencer Krug penned track, providing us with yet another twisted insight to the mind of the extremely talented Canadian. It is not far from the Sunset Rubdown style that we have come to know and love, but it takes quite the turn from the previous Moonface releases, which were largely based on a few different instruments, such as organ, marimbas and synthesizers. As much as I love Spencer Krug solo material, I largely prefer when he works with other musicians, and in this case, my preference is no different.  ~ Erik David Hidde

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