Come Stay At Twin Cabins


I first came across Twin Cabins a few weeks back and I was instantly hooked with his effortless ease and care free melodies. Nacho Cano hails from Mexico City, and now lives in San Diego making music in his bedroom. Listening to the track “I’m Sure” brought me back to driving down the dirt roads of my home town with the sun beaming and that feeling where your whole body just smiles. Cano makes you feel warm from his melodies, and gives the illusion that you might be on vacation for the  3 minutes and 31 seconds you’re listening to his track.  In early March he released a sampler for his upcoming record. You can find it on BandCamp as well as his other collections of beautiful bedroom produced sounds. Twin Cabins is without a doubt one of my favorite artists this month. So sit back and enjoy the feeling of gleaming youth and the prospect of nowhere to be.

Tea Leigh

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