Tours Beach Supreme

Tours aka Dylan Sieh, out of Philadelphia releases “Deuxiéme” which is a remix of Memory Houses “Lately.”  Like most of Tours work the production and cadence are pure synth glitch pop that would melt the face of any waver on the beach. I stumbled upon this beat wizards page and was hooked for life. I was actually surprised I hadn’t crossed paths with Dylan’s music before, mainly cause his work is that good, figured I should of had an email from one of my dudes with subject line “you have to check this out.” On the new tune there’s the great vocal sample which evokes a butterfly riding the ridges of a flower, through the meadows after a storm or during early rain fall. Yeah, something real colorful and cheesy like that. Tours delivers in a big way and the decisions on this remix come from someone hitting a real “next level” of sorts. The beat is sick, and there’s no accidents here, just a grand wizard controlling the ecosystem while whittling his pipe, and occasionally checking to make sure the levels are in balance. Tours knows exactly where he’s going, and he’s on the fast track to something big big big. There’s some FREE goodies on Soundcloud and a couple of choice albums on bandcamp.

~ Ryan Boos

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