End Is Not Near Cloud Surfer

Some mornings feel like a rebirth, there’s a renewed sense to them very early on, as if over night these magical creatures came out to clean up after our reluctant ways. Ambient music always reminds me of weird images like that. There’s such a heightened revelation with this kind of sound, the moment when we admit to ourselves “its” time, and the new beginning is right around the corner. End’s Not Near aka Mori Sun from Fukuoka, Japan jumped on a cloud shedding all the fear along the way. Sun’s SC page shifts between lush ambience and an IDM universe. The more I write about music, and see all these wonderfully talented folks across the world, I can’t help but think about waterfalls flowing in reverse, and the slow elapsing progression of discovery wrapped in all these riddles of life.

~ Ryan Boos

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