Phantom Power Elusive Reflection

Eric Littman (NYC) aka Phantom Power releases a superbly hazed out cover of Hot Babes “Cool Stuff.”  It has all the drunken highlights of the warbled, who gives a fook walk home. The hooks phase out with the dope repeater. Eric’s most impressive stock pile is his album releases on bandcamp, just a massive cache of great music centered slightly off pace. This dude is exactly what the tag line on his facebook says, ‘über pseudo.” Couple weeks back he released “Loop In My Head” which is one of the finest summer tunes this year, especially for those late nights adventures through the dark, and weirdness of holding hands through the festival as the carnival freaks hand you tickets to come in their mirror mazes. Lets not forget to mention the comparisons to the Haunted Graffiti, b/c you’ll have to do a double take at the titles to make sure this isn’t new A.P. material. Whatever though, its hot, and there’s even more funk on Phantom Planet’s renditions of this unique chill+wave+weird aura music. There’s so much content on his pages, so spend some time, get a few records, few specialty tunes on his soundcloud page. I just might make this a Phantom Power weekend, why not?

~ Ryan Boos

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