Acres Mixtape Volume One

Special thanks to Ellen Epley for the photograph, I highly recommend visiting to see her other work. She captures the moment really well and her subjects never seem to force anything for the camera. I kept getting the sense that these photos snapped themselves, just by the way her collection sits naturally. I chose this particular photo b/c I felt it speaks to what we’re trying to do on Acres. The site is about people forming this community together. The feeling I get from the image is this acceptance to explore something new, to let your guard down and do something. The girl in the photo looks right at you, and for me it suggests purity, and the liberty to change course in life, even if it’s for a moment. There’s no doubt, that I tried to mimic the overall impression the weather had been leaving on me lately, with volume one. It’s not too hot or cold, its upbeat and chill at the same time. I think this mix has enough edge to keep you awake while also giving you the atmosphere to chill on the porch. Spring time is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year.  I was really excited to add these groups to my collection this last month. They’re all really amazing musical acts that offer up something special. Don’t forget to Download the mix for free, and take it with you wherever you are, and wherever you go. Lastly, thanks to the Artists who have submitted their voices for the Acres, Discovering You tag line. Keep sending them in, I think they really sound nice in the mix.

Track List:

Sleep Party People “Chin”

Beaches Beaches “Got Feel”

Tea Leigh & Luke Reed “Rivers Of Love”

Sean Bones “Here Now”

Mountain Range “Evelyn(e)”

Bear Cubs “Cascade”

Everything Sleeps “Hold Me Down”

Remote/Remote “Rotations”

Jonas K.P. “You, I, Us”

Matt FX “Breezy”

~ Ryan Boos

Matt FX Says Live The Easy Life

Matt FX, who was the music supervisor for the cancelled MTV show Skins, brings the “Breezy,” while you sip the classy martini on some rooftop in the city.  The vocal is perfect on the music. It reminds me of Erlend Oye’s Unrest album, but it brings its own heat. “We can live the easy life” stops the rain, and brings that warm sun. I picture being on my parents boat in the summer, at one of the 100’s of coves where they live. Nothing else matters when floating around on a noodle with a cold one. The whole world could crash around you, and as long as you remember where you are, and what you’re doing, the “easy life” will be yours. This is the song that comes on, and everything is in this slow motion head turn. We’re all destined to do something, tonight, lets enjoy this community of love, easy life, and all the fruits that offer up our comfortability.  “Breezy” features Zoe Penina. The song is a Freebie. Do Yourself a favor, get this, and take it to the party tonight. You just might be the coolest kid in the group.

~ Ryan Boos