Matt FX Says Live The Easy Life

Matt FX, who was the music supervisor for the cancelled MTV show Skins, brings the “Breezy,” while you sip the classy martini on some rooftop in the city.  The vocal is perfect on the music. It reminds me of Erlend Oye’s Unrest album, but it brings its own heat. “We can live the easy life” stops the rain, and brings that warm sun. I picture being on my parents boat in the summer, at one of the 100’s of coves where they live. Nothing else matters when floating around on a noodle with a cold one. The whole world could crash around you, and as long as you remember where you are, and what you’re doing, the “easy life” will be yours. This is the song that comes on, and everything is in this slow motion head turn. We’re all destined to do something, tonight, lets enjoy this community of love, easy life, and all the fruits that offer up our comfortability.  “Breezy” features Zoe Penina. The song is a Freebie. Do Yourself a favor, get this, and take it to the party tonight. You just might be the coolest kid in the group.

~ Ryan Boos

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