Mountain Range = New Album

I’m trying to get away from being a “reviewer” of albums or art in general. This sites not really about that anymore, rather a place to share special things out there in the massive swirl oniine. So with that said, have an adventure with the new works from Stuart Thomas.

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Remixed Mountain Range Dazed With Sun Glitters

Mountain Range can’t just stop with his own amazing talent for delivering the wonderfully cerebral aesthetic of leaves crashing within the mist of memories. He went out and linked his visions to Sun Glitters, the great Ole Torjus, and Teen Daze

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Mountain Range, A Heart Upon EP

These are the real pictures, beaming through some imaginary desert radio you yearn to see, but can’t, even though you drop synthetics to try. If you see them, you’ll find Stuart Thomas’s Mountain Range. On his first EP, A Heart Upon, there’s nothing but beauty, and these amazingly liquid silhouettes running rapid through the arms of mother nature. The way in which the sounds are arranged deliver a great sense of ease. Thomas feels what he’s doing, and he’s taking us to some unforgettable places in the process.

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