Ole Torjus The Lost Acceptance Treasure

The wave will crash on you, wave being anything that might kill your spirit. But you’ll recharge that battery indeed. The continuation of a rather bright influx of yourself, is at times the remedy worth seeking. You might establish this horrid rule that won’t allow you to see the endless ability you have, it’s just deep man. You have to run the hills, even if your body is planted like a fir that’s never been touched, or loved.

Ole Torjus is the person responsible for these words, although he used me to type them to you. You hit play on his music, and you’re going to learn something about yourself, this much I promise you, although you have to believe you can. I spend so many hours worrying about shit, mainly the things I can’t control. I use music, this site now especially, to clear my mind for a few ticks. I hate people most days, and I hide behind this here laptop to exude some kind of social persona. I love people most days too, see what I mean. Who the hell are we anyway, aren’t we all “At the bottom of a strange hill?”

This music is interesting, of course it is, but you expect the big finish, or the bigger beat to come in, and it doesn’t. He’s making this 21st century Jazz in his own way.  I find his patience to be completely charming. Torjus doesn’t need to be flashy. You can tell he admires things that are vintage, and I’m guessing dresses like an older person. I do as well, but I’m not sure I’m as genuine as he comes through on his music. His intellect was the first thing I noticed after listening, it made me want to drink red wine and put on one of my beautiful cardigans, even though its 80 degrees outside. This is a remix of the 009-avian Junto submission by Seams called “Glo” which I love tremendously.
He also runs a label on Bandcamp called Unn Records, and looks to enjoy doing remixes, here’s another one he did, this one for  Mountain Range’s Evelyn(e), whose EP we reviewed the first week we went live. To add to the list of busy works, he’s also in an electronic act called The Offing. Lets just say he has boat loads of work out there, more than this one post will do him justice. Regardless, you can find him, and when you do, you’ll find yourself, even if it’s just for a moment.
~ Ryan Boos

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