Ohsowhy Full Of Gems

There’s music everywhere, and so many faces and lifetimes that go with it. If you get lucky, it will find you at the moment you need it most, this is what happened with Ohsowhy from Sweden.  She contacted me to say hello, and extended her excitement for Acres. The cool part was she never did the now classic “check out my tunes” which would have been fine, after all, this is a music centric blog. But I was surprised by this, and thought it was a real classy thing to do. It’s a respectable thing to let the pace of whatever our communication would be, just be. And sure enough I went right to her page and was impressed by her sound.

She’s the real thing when it comes to Soundcloud in my opinion. She networks with others, has several collaborations with artists, and looks to be plenty active with comments. It’s not our job to decide who uses that site the right way, but she’s one of the good ones indeed.

Ohsowhy has so many good songs on her page its difficult to find a place to start. Let’s begin with the latest track, which is a collaboration with Naked House (who I will be exploring as well). Its pretty remarkable what genres they cross. They cover ground from electro, to the mountain sounds of the banjo, which is used to segue us into the next phase of the tune. Normally something like this might not be possible to pull off, not to say people don’t try. They sure nail it because they keep the beat simple, and the song sticks to the pop formula. This was an instant highlight and something that might be on one of our upcoming mixes.

The other tune I selected is the (old) Madonna esque “The Poor and the Genius.” I think the classic pop feel makes me think of Madonna before she became the mistress of Euro radio techno, is this what they call it? Anyway, it’s a really good song, that has all the right radio elements. This is another reason why I like Ohsowhy so much. She’s a great singer, and has real music chops, but isn’t too good to get in the mud and just have fun, being weird and exploring the abstract for the sake of being human. Well done sister.

~ Ryan Boos


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