TimberWolf’s Animal Collective Remix

Timberwolf is a pretty original thing. Samuel Tucker Young who lives in LA has a very creative way of releasing his indie folk into the world of SoundCloud. His tracks remind me a lot of John Vanderslice the way the layers are added on slowly and then stripped down. It’s easy to get into Timberwolf and just let the tracks play. This particular piece “PeaceBone” by Animal Collective has been remixed and redone by Young and very well might I add. It’s not often when you hear a good folk cover of Animal Collective like the one done by Taken By Trees in 2009. Animal Collective is known for their massive layering & insane reverb…I’m not going to lie, its hard to understand the lyrics some times. Here is a simple and easy way to really connect with the track it’s self. For the hard-core fans, i’m sure you’ve heard every cover/ remix in the book, but this one sticks out to me for sure.

Young grew up in Nashville, TN but moved to LA after finishing up film school in Florida. His group Timberwolf is really just Young producing everything from his studio in his house using midi samples he wrote him self and real instruments laying around his living space. Young has released his newest album on several different sites but I’m going to send you to his BandCamp to get a peak of his self titled album Timberwolf. If you’re one that likes John Vanderslice  or Animal Collective I would absolutely recommend you to check out this track!

Tea Leigh

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