MPFlynn Heavy & Dizzy

For some time I’ve had Matthew Flynn on my radar, especially since starting this site. When I first started listening to him, he was using the name Shifty Teeth. With his new album just being released via his own Bandcamp, he goes by MPFlynn, an obvious moniker in limbo situation. But the name matters little, mainly b/c his music is so damn wonderful. I’ve been a fan of his soundcloud page for a while now. Flynn can do it all, from remixes, to chill out droplets that leave you wishing you had told a friend how much they mean to you. But he’s sticking to solid ground here. On his new record Heavy & Dizzy, Flynn is standing up straight for a more folk favored affair. This album seems to be the one he hopes to catch a more accessible turn with, and that’s just fine. Matt knows what he’s doing here, this preference in style suits him well. He has a nice steady vocal that doesn’t overreach, or get too playful, but keeps a soulful edge, one that won’t hesitate to carry you home. The attention to simplicity is what these turns call for, and Flynn holds steady, right on top of the ridge. The CD is a ten spot, with “DIY, hand carved rubber stamped, hand sewn case. 10 dollars a pop. As is in album artwork. My hands were all over these bad boys (with special help from Erin Curtis (we washed our hands, don’t worry).” That quote alone makes this package worth it, buy it here. Or be a slave to technology and get the digital DL for 8 dollars. Either way it will be well worth it, and on those evenings when the lightning bugs light your backyard, all is quiet in the neighborhood, these tunes will provide all the comforts you need. Goes well with spiked apple cider, small fires, and the warmth of your companion.

Lastly, this is a record with great musicianship, not fancy samples or tricked out electronics, real players, doing the real biz. Yeah, these cats do exist in the DIY world.

~ Ryan Boos

Shifty Teeth “Maladroit” Video

Derek Hanson likes to float you up and down to Shifty Teeth’s perfect fitting song “Maladroit.” I have Matt Flynn aka Shifty Teeth on my list for upcoming postings, his musical tone is vast, and this tune was meant to have something so subtle, visually, as its compliment. I wasn’t going to fall asleep watching the video, but I felt so relaxed, and the hard edge experiences I’ve had as a youngster while skating are completing removed. Hanson manages to make skating like cloud watching. It’s either what we remember while we die, or the slow flips and rolls we vividly live while dreaming. Thanks to Holly, I stopped being busy and watched the video. Even though I posted it, she’s a big fan of the work, and persistently pushed me to share it with all of you. She’s been getting us ready for the upcoming Farmer’s Market booth we have for OlioTree, so she’s really the busy one.

Maladroit by Shifty Teeth

Video Work: Derek Hanson

~ Holly & Ryan Boos