Shifty Teeth “Maladroit” Video

Derek Hanson likes to float you up and down to Shifty Teeth’s perfect fitting song “Maladroit.” I have Matt Flynn aka Shifty Teeth on my list for upcoming postings, his musical tone is vast, and this tune was meant to have something so subtle, visually, as its compliment. I wasn’t going to fall asleep watching the video, but I felt so relaxed, and the hard edge experiences I’ve had as a youngster while skating are completing removed. Hanson manages to make skating like cloud watching. It’s either what we remember while we die, or the slow flips and rolls we vividly live while dreaming. Thanks to Holly, I stopped being busy and watched the video. Even though I posted it, she’s a big fan of the work, and persistently pushed me to share it with all of you. She’s been getting us ready for the upcoming Farmer’s Market booth we have for OlioTree, so she’s really the busy one.

Maladroit by Shifty Teeth

Video Work: Derek Hanson

~ Holly & Ryan Boos

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