Cloud Mouth

Welcome to a true DIY from Brooklyn, NY. Cloud Mouth takes the cake for across the board original sound and all around talent this week! After spending much time on SoundCloud I saw the graphic you see above and decided to click on it. NO regrets here! Sadly, I have no information on the lady behind the scenes other than her name is Natalie. So I’ll jump right in, lets start with the track “Every Song You’ve Never Heard” which is a collaborative piece from her band Diatone.  In the first 15 seconds you’re greeted with her rich, honest and simple vocals. Her harmonies are fantastic and her voice sounds like honey is dripping from the notes, the sounds from Diatone reminds me a lot of Stereolab. They lead into the pit of the track with drums and synth that could carry you away on a cloud they blew from a kiss. Far out, right?

Alright, lets move on. I give to you another track which is completely different in dynamic. This track titled “Waiting Rooms” makes you feel a little uncomfortable at first, like you’re not really sure you should continue to listen to it after just hearing the beautiful winds you heard before. I stuck around just because a year ago today I sat in a waiting room for what seemed like hours and I can tell you this track rings true to what I felt. This makes me feel anxious, and eager to get out of where I’m sitting, but patiently waiting all at the same time. I think it could be the ticking in the background or all the repetitive noise which keeps building and building, or it could be the sheer moment of my experience. I’ll never know I guess, but this track hits it for me.

Cloud Mouth has a knack for hitting every kind of nerve you have track by track. I’ll leave you with this, a note from Natalie’s SoundCloud page:

“all noise comes from silence
all silence comes from noise
all boys come from girls
all girls come from boys”

Tea Leigh

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