Giga Herb Wacky Punks

I try to refrain from using the phrase “True Indie” but on Giga Herbs “Balloon In Heaven,” I’ll make an exception. The song is just fun for starters, and the idea of being a “true” anything is a nothing easy to explain, because nothing is as original anymore to be called such a thing. However, I believe that when a group plays with so much anarchy in their voice and overall delivery. Its pretty easy to come to the part where I think they’re  a pure sense of the genre, especially the way it was conveyed in the 90s. And of course the imagery and name they use helps with that overall thinking. It Sounds like a bunch of wacky punks getting together in garage somewhere with very little money to burn, so they just rock out in Staten Island or Brooklyn, and play this shit out of their duct taped amps.  Whatever, it’s a cool song out of NYC,  you should cop the free download indeed, and just herb out to it or something.

~ Ryan Boos

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