This is one SoundCloud collaborating junkie right here! I give to you Atuin, an amazing folk artist who’s bounced around Germany and Turkey his whole life. Atuin is known as Taner in the not so musical world that is every day life,and has been my favorite male lyricist for about a year. I’ll be talking about two things today, my favourite track of his titled “Little River” and his newest release which is titled The Amazing Business. Alright, lets jump in to this “Little River” shall we?

Atuin has collaborated with a SoundCloud artist known as Jonny Bear and I have to say together, their sound is priceless. I remember the first time I heard this song, it was in the morning when I woke up and had pressed play on my dashboard. The lyrics start out like this “I won’t stop by because I’m a river. A moment is all I can deliver…Jump right in, I will make you shiver.” The sound scape alone will make you feel these lyrics without anything being sung. This is why it’s an amazing track, if you were to take out the music and keep the vocals, you would hear the music just the same. With such simple lyrics and beautiful vibrato between the vocals and the strings in the background, this song will make you shiver, give you those goosebumps which always feel so strange.

Moving on! Atuin has released 4 albums over the course of his busy and interesting life as a musician. The Amazing Business came out almost a year ago, I hope to hear more releases soon! When Taner was younger he used to spin hip hop, which he says still holds a soft spot in his heart today, but he had to let go and record these solo lo-fi tunes you’re hearing now. Atuin has no shortage of imaginary words to fill your mind of stories and moments to make you feel like you’ve experienced them your self. To me, that’s just what this album is, a long line of stories. Here is a track from the album titled “To The Left Behind” which has a special place in my heart.

So there you have it folkies, story tellers, easy listeners, here is an artist who can fill all your wants and needs within this genre. Head over to his BandCamp and get his album which he has available for $5 and then head over to his SoundCloud and listen to all the collaborations he’s done so far. Maybe you’d be next!

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