We Are The City

The new music video from We Are the City finds the band toying with gravity as they sing “Friends Hurt.”  The song is filled with spacious enduring simplicity, which reveals something special about these Canadians. They’re thoughtful, creating a warm belief system that you yourself wish to join. The opening had me hooked, especially if you’re a fan of the minimal static bleep beats. Very cool Beans! I RECOMMEND getting the album on Vinyl via their Bandcamp. They are taking their sound on European adventure as I write this post, and later making it to the States. Be on the look for the FYI via their Facebook.


Insightful Drops Elsewhere


Deep grooves, the glitch pop supreme. Insightful out of Oakland has crossed heady rhythms with laid back jazz samples. Some perfection with these sounds, savvy clip placement with all that swing. Stand outs on the album find Insightful meshing the experimental together with some 70(ish) synth acid here or there. The opening track “Tree Level” is ridiculous. Of course the abilities don’t stop on production, Insightful just had to sing. I’m hooked friends, Elsewhere is available now.

Watch the video below for the fresh, drone-esque-chiller “Hindsight,” a true piece of Art that relays the personal angst of wanting to look like someone else, that mission brings forth a bond between two physically defective people. Truly a bitter-sweet video, that masterfully sits with the piece of sound, and how society can pressurize the human spirit into yearning to be perfect, especially if the scars are visible.

Spectre’s “On The Telephone”

Spectre, an indie band from Canada, can’t help themselves when it comes to blasting your face off with hypnotic cool shit. Bending sexy into a full spectrum of Art, all while maintaining some kind of truth to the musical form. Looks like the band has been dropping dimes for awhile now. Plenty of videos, releases, etc to keep you busy. Not just music here, a collective of hip bandits ready to rule the world. This is the music video for their newest release, an EP called “On The Telephone”.

Jaw Gems New Music Video


A color filled music video experience, bright with the vivid dreamy, and the pure realism of the band laying it down.