We Are The City

The new music video from We Are the City finds the band toying with gravity as they sing “Friends Hurt.” The opening had me hooked, especially if you’re a fan of the minimal static bleep beats.


Insightful Drops Elsewhere

Glitch pop supreme! Insightful out of Oakland has crossed heady rhythms with laid back jazz samples. Some perfection with these sounds, savvy clip placement with all that swing. Watch the video for the fresh, drone-esque-chiller “Hindsight,” a true piece of Art that relays the personal angst of wanting to look like someone else, that mission brings forth a bond between two physically defective people.

We Were Born Canaries Are Ideal Silhouettes

Much of this record reminds me of a silhouette trying to burst out from beneath an ever passing ideal, that you eventually grow out from under. Like my favorite premise in a movie, this is a coming of age tale, or at least it sounds how that looks to me. Pop over to iTunes and support the band.