We Were Born Canaries Are Ideal Silhouettes

We Were Born Canaries – My Beat from Jakob Steen on Vimeo.

We do grow in the summer, or at least the moments of joy are longer, and our memories can only hope to stay in that time. We Were Born Canaries “My Beat” is a whirlwind through the wonder of looking up. It’s funny how much this video is the exact opposite of the  light in the face perpetuation we see today. When is the last time you went anywhere and didn’t see tons of people looking into their pits of social acceptance? It’s such a staple now, you can often see the driven multi-tasker light up a cig, hit the text button, and work their cars. Best advice, get the hell out-of-the-way, by looking up and moving to your own beat.

I’ve been listening to the album all morning, which came out April 20th on A:Larm music. First impression is nothing short of chill. The music provides a space for Stine to solidify her soft, easy-going approach to delivery. Her voice is pure, leaving out the force that would inevitably take the light away from the blissed out places Jakob takes you through. Much of this record reminds me of a silhouette trying to burst out from beneath an ever passing ideal, that you eventually grow out from under. Like my favorite premise in a movie, this is a coming of age tale, or at least it sounds how that looks to me. Pop over to iTunes and support the band.

Jacob who sent us the info, also told me Brian Batz from Sleep Party People mixed the record with the band in his living room. I love those little nuggets of information about music, and how it comes together.

We Were Born Canaries is Stine Grøn & Jakob Steen.

~ Ryan Boos

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