Sleep Party People A Magical Ride

I’ll admit I’ve never heard of Sleep Party People until Ryan, who follows here on Acres, sent me a link to their new song called “Chin.” At first I thought he was with the band, and I was turned on to something no one had heard yet. I then began laughing at myself once I came to realize, they have quite the following, over 16,000 followers on Facebook alone. The interesting part about that is the conversation it sparked between Holly and me. Is Acres only about covering those who are relatively unknown, which is a hard thing to say, b/c its suggest that I think the bands we’ve covered thus far fit in this category. This is really not true, so I think covering great music is something we do on here via Soundcloud. The level of following is something we’ll have to decide as we go.

Okay, regardless of how we do this moving forward “Chin” is an amazing song. I’m trying to get a digital copy for April’s mix through their management team at Light Fiction, which is the reason we have the song on Soundcloud, thanks for that.

From the beginning its one of those tunes that sucks you through its vortex of atmospheric beauty, and the spring seasonal adventure is prevalent form the start. It’s the kind of song that gives you wings so you can see above the city at night. All while under the influence of these amazing songsters. I’m hooked on this vice now, the vocal content is remarkable. You can’t really tell what they’re saying, which is a highlight for me in any song. I love when a band uses the vocal melody as an instrument. They wrap enough effect on it to hide the message so you can discover the glowing equalizer in your dark room.

I instantly think of  Here We Go Magic, with their particular brand of epic layering, especially on the vocal. The drums are super straight forward which I like, and everything in L/R panning is providing you the magic carpet to ride. Ryan Ellis, who sent this to me said “Danish dream-scapers Sleep Party Peoplejust released the track “Chin” from We Were Drifting On A Sad Song, the song is on the upbeat side of the band’s musical spectrum but still retains the ethereal vocals and warbling synthesizers. Enjoy and let me know what you think.”  Well Mr. Ellis, I’m  hooked on this, and I sincerely appreciate your contribution to the site. This interaction makes  Acres exactly the kind of collaboration we want. This is something that forms a bond between the writer, a band, and the fans. A place where everyone can get in on the mix. This is already one of the best songs of the year, hands down.

Sleep Party People’s new album comes out in the UK and Europe on April 9th via Blood and Biscuits, and  in the USA / Canada / Mexico on April 10th via Brine & Barnacles.

“Utah, get me two!”

~ Ryan Boos


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