Tiiiza Picture Feathers

You can write entire stories in the measure of one song. I feel lucky each day, discovering for myself, the absolute power these people have. Within so much searching and wondering, for the sake of securely fashioning an original fashion for ourselves, you get tired man. If not for these melodies, and dreamers, the distance between the edge and myself, would be something less lengthy. Some feathers fly the grid longer than others, and if the sage is burning bright enough, through the vivid picture show, lessons can be learned. Its funny, I miss the vintage youth, mine that is, and the folks I drew all these lines with from before. Life is no easy task, especially when relationships cloud the beauty up, and make you think how some really big things, mean very little. I’m not quite sure what the hell I’m saying right now, but I think I’m reflecting on these subjects I’ve thrown a veil over, so I’m not blinded by the vigorous light of contentious story lines. This song made me say all that, and is making me think I should take a chance at life, more so than I ever have before.

Tiiiza aka Elvis Valov, has two FREE tunes on SC, one of which is “July” from the video. I hope to learn more about Tiiiza, and this EP that either comes out in July, or is out already, and called July. I have no idea, but the video above will hold me over.

~ Ryan Boos

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