Pick Of The Week: Another Green World

Coming out of  Tennessee, Alec West (aka Another Green Worldpushes his electronic throwback pop to great heights. With a couple releases under his belt, and the new album called Haunted coming out June 11 on Synthemesc records, Alex is dropping a few tastes to get us excited. The track “Blood,” which I suppose is serving as the first single; blasts supreme classic dream pop thunder, basking in coolness, and eager to perpetuate this hip sneaker aesthetic. To get us drenched in nostalgia, the new video takes us through clips of Lost Boys, a personal favorite film for me now and when it came out back in the 80’s. Another Green World will have you lost in a sea of thoughts, smiles, and a vintage knack for suspending modern times. Stick with this dude, his new album should be really dope to match the upcoming summer, but just make sure you’re wearing the right glasses.

Home Alone In The Clouds

Home Alone

Setting aside the projects constant reminder of being stoned, this is a nice collection of tunes from a wave rider looking through foggy glasses while exploring the fruits of bedroom pop. The project latches on to the ride of this generations musical evolution, with a first record worth thinking about. A standout is the album’s title track called “Teaddybears & Weed” which is a bubbly number, overflowing with youth. Nab the record, worth the Free DL, and sounds like tapes are coming out soon. I really like the complete package of this album, dope art to match a cool sound. Well done Dude!

“Home Alone is the pseudonym of Thomas Mazurkiewicz, the newest addition to the Orchid Tapes family. Living in the quiet Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Tom uses his basement and a modest collection of modern and vintage equipment as his studio to create over-exposed low-fidelity stoner pop songs.” ~ Orchid Tapes

Tiiiza Picture Feathers

You can write entire stories in the measure of one song. I feel lucky each day, discovering for myself, the absolute power these people have. Within so much searching and wondering, for the sake of securely fashioning an original fashion for ourselves, you get tired man. If not for these melodies, and dreamers, the distance between the edge and myself, would be something less lengthy. Some feathers fly the grid longer than others, and if the sage is burning bright enough, through the vivid picture show, lessons can be learned. Its funny, I miss the vintage youth, mine that is, and the folks I drew all these lines with from before. Life is no easy task, especially when relationships cloud the beauty up, and make you think how some really big things, mean very little. I’m not quite sure what the hell I’m saying right now, but I think I’m reflecting on these subjects I’ve thrown a veil over, so I’m not blinded by the vigorous light of contentious story lines. This song made me say all that, and is making me think I should take a chance at life, more so than I ever have before.

Tiiiza aka Elvis Valov, has two FREE tunes on SC, one of which is “July” from the video. I hope to learn more about Tiiiza, and this EP that either comes out in July, or is out already, and called July. I have no idea, but the video above will hold me over.

~ Ryan Boos

Bedroom Please!

Noah Kittinger is just some kid from Nashville making melodic folk essence, filled with dream pop, no big deal right? Overall the thing that strikes me the most is his patience throughout his Bedroom project, EP called Toys. Most of the time High School kids don’t relate to anything for me, not b/c of anything they’ve done, but they’re just kids, most of them punks. But not Noah, at least not his music anyway. Listening to his album, while staring into the vast wonders of the smokey mountains this past weekend, with my best friend/wife, I kept thinking of all these experiences I’ve had throughout my life. There’s some real heat in these memories, heart break of the highest order, all while trying to figure out what the hell to say, if not, how to say one word right to anyone. Toys just blew me away with its honesty, and integrity toward life, then I find out he’s just a kid? WTF!!! Its theses rarities that put things on the level for me. The songs are good, no doubt. He treats his instruments similar to how I treat mine, especially the acoustic guitar. Basically just play something that sounds nice, and don’t stop until that warm fuzzy shit goes away. Noah lets it ride, and then comes in with some full on verses. He reminds me of a band I watched in Chicago years ago called Seldom. But I’m not sure how much I can compare, except for the feeling. In all honesty though, I’m a sucker for the chanty, big folky sounds, with some claps. So, this album hits me where it counts. Its all heart man. And I’m sure he’s a great dude, it would be hard to be anything less with the pure emotion like you’ll find on his record.

~ Ryan

Fernando Lagreca Embraces 80’s Chill

Fernando Lagreca takes another page from the 8o’s and reminds me a great deal of Radio Dept. on “Silly Girl Meets Silly Boy.” There is of course the shimey shimey cool vibe in the hooky theme delivery. The only thing left to bring in is the vocal, and its done with very little effort. An overall peach of a track. The album is slated to come out in July on irregular label, until then, download this freebie for your adventurous afternoon day trip. Here’s a preview of the upcoming release.

~ Ryan Boos