Bedroom Please!

Noah Kittinger is just some kid from Nashville making melodic folk essence, filled with dream pop, no big deal right? Overall the thing that strikes me the most is his patience throughout his Bedroom project, EP called Toys. Most of the time High School kids don’t relate to anything for me, not b/c of anything they’ve done, but they’re just kids, most of them punks. But not Noah, at least not his music anyway. Listening to his album, while staring into the vast wonders of the smokey mountains this past weekend, with my best friend/wife, I kept thinking of all these experiences I’ve had throughout my life. There’s some real heat in these memories, heart break of the highest order, all while trying to figure out what the hell to say, if not, how to say one word right to anyone. Toys just blew me away with its honesty, and integrity toward life, then I find out he’s just a kid? WTF!!! Its theses rarities that put things on the level for me. The songs are good, no doubt. He treats his instruments similar to how I treat mine, especially the acoustic guitar. Basically just play something that sounds nice, and don’t stop until that warm fuzzy shit goes away. Noah lets it ride, and then comes in with some full on verses. He reminds me of a band I watched in Chicago years ago called Seldom. But I’m not sure how much I can compare, except for the feeling. In all honesty though, I’m a sucker for the chanty, big folky sounds, with some claps. So, this album hits me where it counts. Its all heart man. And I’m sure he’s a great dude, it would be hard to be anything less with the pure emotion like you’ll find on his record.

~ Ryan

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