Home Alone In The Clouds

Home Alone

Setting aside the projects constant reminder of being stoned, this is a nice collection of tunes from a wave rider looking through foggy glasses while exploring the fruits of bedroom pop. The project latches on to the ride of this generations musical evolution, with a first record worth thinking about. A standout is the album’s title track called “Teaddybears & Weed” which is a bubbly number, overflowing with youth. Nab the record, worth the Free DL, and sounds like tapes are coming out soon. I really like the complete package of this album, dope art to match a cool sound. Well done Dude!

“Home Alone is the pseudonym of Thomas Mazurkiewicz, the newest addition to the Orchid Tapes family. Living in the quiet Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Tom uses his basement and a modest collection of modern and vintage equipment as his studio to create over-exposed low-fidelity stoner pop songs.” ~ Orchid Tapes

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