Canyon Exudes Imaginative Compasses

Out of Chicago, Canyon captures the essence of his moniker effortlessly. Immediately you’re morphed into this light, the kind that assists travelers through their voyage. Like the image of the mountains, Canyon exudes the kind of symbiosis one can only imagine. The flutters of post rain colors drift through the valley, brushing against the bears and the birds. The dark swiftly comes, and this here music lights the way. There’s more on Canyons’ Soundcloud page you should get into for sure.

There’s something hauntingly sexual about Canyon, and the sound being washed over us. He manages to create a certain amount of distance between him and his listener. The textures mix some aspects of Jazz, and you get a sense someone has the Blues.There’s a pop element splashed within, and  the breath of a women panning in/out over deep bass lines. One thing I enjoyed about all the songs is Canyon wastes no time, he’s trying to take us somewhere and he does. You can feel this from the start. The music is riddled with elements, and the means of delivery doesn’t take away from the organics. Canyon has a few albums on Bandcamp, you can name your price.  The ride is well worth it on all levels.

~ Ryan Boos

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