Notyou, May Is In Love

Sometimes its just fine to tell someone how you feel. The new Notyou,may song “Wine” does just that. There are words on the walls if you stop for a second and read them. You might find the word love hanging from a tree branch in the yard you ignore everyday. I think we all spend a grip of time trying to figure out what the hell it is we’re all doing. But this seems tolerable if we are in love, sharing wine with that person, exploring the riches of our ethos. There is very little in life as strong as the bond you form with the person you try to spend most of your time with. It’s nice to hear a song that openly sings about that. Being in love and talking about it can’t help but be cheesy, but the courage to do so makes you unique. Notyou,may is Allan Vizzuett, co-founder of Matinée as Hell, and Bad Pop Records.

Please don’t smoke, its bad for your health.

~ Ryan Boos

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