Happy Record Store Day!

I’ve debated all morning whether to go out and enjoy the record stores today. I might hit them up later, Knoxville has some really great hidden gems, one thats five minutes from our house. Nothing like getting a top shelf margarita at our spot and stumbling around Lost and Found records for a few, which happens throughout the year. But until I hit the street for a stroll, I’m enjoying Hair, the new Ty Segall and White Fence record.

I’ve been a big fan of White Fence since the first album came out, such a fan that we tend to listen to Presley’s sunny antics all summer long. The follow up Is Growing Faith was a big staple in our house as well, all of White Fences songs play so well, I can’t really say I skip around too often on either record. They’re on my imaginary top ten, of the last ten list. I’m really looking forward to the double album, Family Perfume volume one vinyl is sold out on Woodsist. Thankfully, I put in my order soon enough though, just got word Amazon is sending me a copy. Finally, after weeks of messages saying “this item cannot be found,” even though I already paid my dimes man. At least I have the this collab. record to play until then, sounds awesome.

On Hair both Segall and Presley share their sounds fairly evenly. Both are similar from the start anyway, but White Fence tends to be a bit more on the hazy psychedelic side, with Segall shredding anything in his way.

Well, not much else to say right now, I’m really enjoy the album, and walking outside to sit on the porch and almost tripping on the Drag City box was the best Saturday morning gift I’ve had in a long while. The album officially comes out April 24th.


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