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The way in which music is consumed changes so quickly. There are so many different ways to find music, and new generators like aim to make it even easier. I had the pleasure of getting the basics from the creator of the new discovery tool, Tomer Elmalem. Here’s what he said.

What is
It’s a music discovery app for music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud with the hopes that it’ll make it easier for people to discover new artists on both sites that they like.

What made you want to do this?
I was looking for new music to listen too and figured I’d checkout what’s on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. As I was looking through this I was really wanting an easier method that wouldn’t require me to stop what I was doing, go to the site, and sift through the many results. I wanted something that would allow me to go in put in a few genres and just play all of the songs that were tagged similarly.

Why should musicians submit to Mavin?
It’s an opportunity to give themselves more exposure and get discovered by people who may not be familiar with them or with Bandcamp/Soundcloud. Their music is good, is deserves to be listened to by as many people as possible.

What bands have you discovered that we should know about?
Question, specifically the album Redux. It’s really chill instrumentals which I really like listening too.

What’s the good word on you?
Currently an undergraduate at Georgia Tech studying computer science. I’m pretty interested in working with music and applying my knowledge of computer science, website development, and technology to help independent artists out.

How do bands get their music on
Artists just need to submit their music to our site so we know about it. Submitting is easy, just add the link and a couple of genres or tags that are appropriate for it so Mavin knows when to play it.

“Discovering is easy! Just type in a genre and some related music-tags and hit listen. Not sure what you want to listen to? No problem! Hit random and like or dislike songs as their played until Mavin knows what kind of music you’re looking for.” ~

~ Ryan Boos

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