Lostpoet Vintage Skills

When I was a young dude I remember hitting up record town buying rap tapes. I remember getting Ice Cube’s Lethal Injection, or America’s Most Wanted. I also remember buying Nas’s Illmatic, just because I thought the album cover looked cool, turns out that record ended up getting some serious praise. Those are just a couple tapes I remember having as a kid. I also was really into LL Cool J’s Radio, or Walking With A Panther, and of course Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Ice-T, Tribe Called Quest and tons more. There’s nothing like waving one hand in the air at age 10 like I’m some G or something, then your Mom walks by and just looks at you weird. I was not cool as a kid, hell, I’m not cool now. But I feel cool listening to Lostpoet.

Hip-Hop is one of those genre’s you can go back to at any time and feel the same exact way you did when you first listened. Its something I love a great deal, similar to Reggae, you know what you’re getting, and if done right, hardly anything is better. Which is what I find on Lostpoet’s tunage. He’s an intellect first poet, like Mos Def or Common. There’s no fear to drop the Parental Advisory, but only if needed to show some emphasis.

Anyway, Lostpoet has it, whatever that is in hiphop he delivers it with ease. The music is mature, and the overall content is seasoned. When listening I think “this is veteran ish” nothing more or less.

~ Ryan Boos

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