Gutter Love

Red hood seen

Alley filled words

Three dots painted skin

Speak up 

Sky swallows vision vitriolic 

She invited me out


Set a bar higher

Now you wait

More fools can play

Below they shall

Must sing scurry ceremony 

Play again

Longer tone

Where has it been

Humming loudly mighty foreboding 

Crashed until glass

Reshape messages sit idle

Fling them zip zippers out there

Insects show-tunes & mustard seed

Low-lit angels some sweat lodge skin baths

Soul coming coming coming

Whoops boring 

Move shake bygones 

Never again shall lose dance

Found pool of mayhem evolution

Rest near muddy pond

Box breath nasty pawns 

Run stay run stay 

Sew socks her magic foot touch

Kink yeah

Figments imagine velvet 

Daydream egg symbols 

Gutter love

Bubble salt wolf noses

Urban Kale sidewalk snacks


Ten for Ten

Ima Ten

Armpits smell hairy beautiful 

Mushroom dustpan extravaganza 

Rinse in gravy 


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