Skip At Night With The Errors & Madness

Touch me

Believe me and watch me burn

Watch fire and ash grow 

Hold the letter

Until Leather

Purple flowers pink trees bloom early

Validate me

Remind me of my path

Take my hand 

Show me

Rock me

Lock me up until blood 

Eyes evil warning 

Collapse me

Hands on hands

You me you

Steps forward chinless

Anchored in whores
Kicked me out for being different 

Pass by

Armor for amour 

Sleepless veins want it

Roll over

Alligator breath waits 

Attack my soul

Improvisationalists are the homeless 

Test a sword

New eyes you

New words you

Fake Blonde Diva

Until the last punctuating sound of your nirvana 

Until the last moment when you vanish 

Until the tide evaporates and the truest act is born

Standing watching natures playground cast invitations for the witnesses

No sound in weightless matter

Unspoken art surrounds it

Zoom in 25% 


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