Voices Crash The Ongoing Show Of Singularity

Listening out 

Closure recipes shared plates


Collage party

Magazine hunt at ladys of

Look no sport coats

How many walks here

Another left turn continuation 

Audio book morning routine

Chatter about creativity


Have patience

Let it come to be a student of

Learn new 

Words body Ink

Sit watching 

Nice face though

No bitch 

Deliver order new language 

Boots too

Don’t step on the new green in the courtyard

Shit around it 

Lost spells mystic ideals

Posers with insta

Another one

Be nice

Collective belief danger zone gimmicks 

Each act of control

Sit stairwell or stoop

Read about airplanes

Paper ones

Shave down there


Buy the bogo seaweed 



You forgot to understand what you don’t know

You forgot to know what you understand

You forgot to add flavor 

You forgot to buy toilet paper online where a man on an elevator informed you it was cheaper

You forgot to stop

You forgot to walk more than 7 miles

You forgot 



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