Pilgrim Primitive 

Pour it out


Right on me

Stepping stone not

Finish stones not

With feather letters

Write wild

Write your character

This character

Say fuck in line ordering guilt food


Devastating mouth 

Line from evil

No religion here

Tree goddess owns my pleasure parts 

Clean her bark 


Slave my bones to your earth

Soil yeast liquid 

Hot milk

Dream Alaska ships

Ghost icons in a coffee shop you once loved 

She’ll never know

Distant romance 

Miracle in the if

Imagination triangle enters a circle 

Green on my finger about a mistress


Extra sauce please

Don’t look in those eyes


Run stay run

We play in a dance to make sure there’s always dancing for the mundane

Only one in on it

Strangers stay strangers until you let them in for a bite

My neck is not dinosaur kale

Lick feet 

Own an eardrum

Clean her bark loudly

Often vibrating 

No human touches like this


She walks by at 7:30 am wearing a backpack and hiking shoes


Beautiful homeless 


On her way to work

Good Morning 


I love you right now

Green potpourri bags are the best for picking up dog shit

Walks over the bridge

Until tomorrow



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